If You Build It…

You want to attract some reporters? Hang up a sign that says “Spin Room” or “War Room” (“Where We Help You Write Your Story Room?” “Get Your He-Said Here Room?”)

The Associated Press’s Andrew Taylor reports on the Republican “war room” where “a staff of two dozen has set up shop in temporary workspace up the road from” the Democratic action in Denver. Per Taylor:

[W]ith a 24-hour news cycle and thousands of reporters in Denver, Republicans anticipate plenty of demand for an alternative to the Democratic narrative.

“We want to be in the stories,” says Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan.

And, you are!

Also, the RNC’s Duncan added, talking the talk: “There should be a balance … and we want to make sure we’re available to tell the other side of the story.”

More from the AP’s Taylor:

It remains to be seen how effective the GOP effort will be…

Wait, scratch that…

A tour for television crews Sunday afternoon attracted just a handful of journalists, though all three broadcast networks came through at some point in the day. About a dozen print reporters took a look as well…

Wait until the convention actually starts!

And these war roomers aren’t content just courting “all three broadcast networks” and other big guns:

[A] key target is local media in battleground states. That’s what the satellite truck in the parking lot is for: to allow for local stations in states such as Michigan and Ohio to interview top-name Republicans such as Giuliani and Romney.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.