Inside Barack Obama

Obama Vacation News from the (Honolulu) Star Bulletin:

Unlike previous days when [Barack Obama] spent a lot of time outdoors, he spent almost all of his time indoors yesterday.

The newspaper is also asking readers “lucky enough to get a photo or video of Sen. Barack Obama while he is out and about during his vacation” to “share it with our newspaper and online readers.”

UPDATE: The Honolulu Advertiser runs a column urging Obama while in Hawaii to:

[T]ake a ride out to the Leeward side. Talk to folks living five families and four generations in one house because that’s the only way to make sure no one ends up homeless. Look at the camps on the beach, children being raised under tarps…

[P]lease go beyond the tourist stuff. Please see what has changed in your hometown. You are running on a message of change, but there are people here who are hurting for all the change that has happened just since you’ve been gone.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.