As it happens I am more optimistic because it has become clear that there is still a strong demand for content, even when it is distributed via new channels. The industry is still in huge flux, but the limits and dangers of excessively customized information is becoming clear—people are still willing to pay to get not just news, but an intelligent filter for that news. The success of the NYT paywall shows that. So does the fact that combined FT circulation continues to rise, as the digital circulation overtakes print.

Warren Webster, co-founder of

I am very optimistic about the future of journalism. The general population has spoken loudly about their need for reliable reporting and their concern about the decline. In response, the industry has slowly but surely begun to realize that they can change their method of delivery and their business models to find new ways to fill that need, without sacrificing the fundamentals principles of Journalism.

I believe the most inspiring sign is the level at which consumers are embracing new models for news and information, including Patch. As long as there is this amount of demand, and companies willing and able to fill the demand in new ways, the industry will be healthy.


The Editors