Is This Seventh Grade?

Yes, it is.

On MSNBC this morning:

MSNBC’s CONTESSA BREWER: What we saw was the crowd not only filling the street but overflowing into surrounding areas. Is there any chance that your candidate starts to feel a little, I don’t know, jealous of all the enthusiasm and the attention that Sarah Palin is now bringing out to these campaign rallies?

MCCAIN SPOKESWOMAN: Oh, Contessa, he is so jazzed. You can see it on his face. We have thousands of thousands of people out there even on a rainy day in Lebanon, Ohio….

Apparently, the “Is John jealous?” question is, like, on all the reporters’ lips. Per AFP:

“Of course not, he’s excited,” Mark Salter told reporters who asked if McCain was jealous of the attention Palin has been receiving since he announced his surprise choice of running mate on August 29.

To halt that line of questioning, probably Salter should have left it at that. Instead, he added: “They’re chanting ‘John McCain’ too…”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.