It’s Ok to Mock Madonna (Randy Cohen Says So) launches a new blog, Moral of the Story, where Randy Cohen (of the “The Ethicist” column in the Times Magazine ) will each week “examine a news story from an ethical perspective.” Cohen’s inaugural issue? The “ethics of of international adoption,” inspired by the “news” of Madonna’s recent attempt to adopt another child from Malawi. (Of that “news” Cohen says that Madonna “seems to have acted creditably here” but that it’s still ok to “make fun of her; we need to.”)

Of his new blog Cohen writes:

One of the small frustrations of writing “The Ethicist” in the weekly magazine is that I’m limited to the questions that people submit to me, with a general focus on personal ethics. (Sadly, I have yet to receive a query from a member of Congress, a Pentagon official, a senior executive of a Fortune 500 company.) But in this forum, I get to select the topic, a chance to consider public events…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.