Kicking Ourselves, Others

The pundits of MSNBC’s Morning Joe (and invited guests) did some self-flagellating (finger-pointing?) while exploring What Happened to Our Economy? this morning:

MSNBC’s MIKE BARNACLE: Let’s talk about the failure of the institution called the media. Over the last seven or eight years we have failed to track the fact that this conservative business school president and his administration have driven up the deficit to near-record proportions, all the while professing to be a free-market guy, all the while professing to be a conservative and let’s keep government out of the business of business and let’s cut costs and the costs have ballooned and we never tracked it.

MARK HALPERIN (Time’s “The Page”): I think the lack of seriousness in the media in holding the powerful interests accountable to the public interests is one of the biggest issues the country faces today. Without question. Without navel-gazing or aggrandizing the role of media, we’ve abdicated that responsibility.

So will we now see a more “responsible,” more “serious” “The Page?” What would that look like? Would it still include these?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.