“Obama spoofers walk a fine line,” reports today’s LA Times. Didn’t the New York Times tell us this last Tuesday (“Want Obama In A Punchine? First, Find A Joke)?

Well, the LA Times’s story is datelined Chicago; surely, the Times likely figured, there is something to be learned in this city (the one where Obama lives and “the home of the venerable Second City comedy troupe”) about How To Make Fun Of Obama (that even the Times’ own column Friday, “How To Make Fun of Obama,” did not consider).


The show’s staff [at Second City] wrote a sketch featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton trying to hire a hit man to kill her rival. Her effort is thwarted when the murderer refuses to take the job because he is bisexual, and in love with Obama.

Maybe not.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.