Learn about Marty Baron

The incoming Washington Post editor visited Columbia's j-school last year

The Washington Post announced on Tuesday that editor Marcus Brauchli is stepping down and will be succeeded by Boston Globe editor Martin Baron.

Last year, Baron came to the Columbia Journalism School to speak to students about the changing newspaper industry, and he sat down with former CJR assistant editor Alysia Santo for an interview. “Our aim is to be at the leading edge of what’s happening in the digital transformation, while putting out a very high quality print product,” Baron told her. “We have made video a very big part of our operation, and we’re actually a finalist for an Emmy award for online video. Three years ago I would never have anticipated anything like that.”

Read the complete Q&A here.

If we can track down a video of Baron’s remarks to the student body, we’ll add it. There isn’t one.

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