Magic Wall And All

If you watch CNN, you know that since Obama’s inauguration they’ve been trying to retain viewers with/heavily promoting (music! logo!) their coverage of “President Obama’s First 100 Days.” And, maybe you’ve asked yourself, what of Day 101? How will CNN keep up the excitement the morning after?

Well, the eve of Day 100 (April 29) will receive “election night” treatment on CNN, the AP reports, “right down to John King’s magic wall.” And then? Per the AP, it’s straight to work promoting the “First 200 Days Special:”

[Sam Feist, CNN’s political director has] been planning the 100th and 200th day specials since shortly after the election.

Which the AP follows with this brief explainer:

The 100-day marker is a journalistic contrivance often used to evaluate new administrations.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.