Magic Wall Memories with John King

According to the New York Post’s Page Six—which keeps a close watch on media meltdowns—CNN’s John King let off some steam the other day following a “Magic Wall” malfunction.

The DC-based anchor had a meltdown while anchoring his 7 p.m. show, “John King USA,” from CNN’s New York studio just days before the midterm elections.

After a slew of technical and editorial errors, King lost his cool when his signature and somewhat overworked touch screen malfunctioned.

“I wish I brought a gun to work,” King yelled at studio operators on Oct. 29, according to several CNN sources.

UPDATE: King has come out against the article, it should be noted, releasing this official statement:

“Ms. Palmeri’s latest fantasy is again full of fiction. There was no wall malfunction. No reprimand from Phil Kent and no warning from Jim Walton. There was one moment while in NY where I voiced frustration after some problems at the top of the show, but in typical fashion it’s completely distorted in the NY Post.”

We originally said we were going to grieve the end of a loving relationship—between King and his screen—with the following videos. Since they’re still together, we’re now calling it a celebration. Happy hump day!

There’s this from SNL circa 2008.

And this from The Daily Show:

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Even CNN made attempts at Magic Wall humor:

And then there’s this from a recent election night in Norway. Nothing to do with King’s wall, really, but enjoyable nonetheless.

NOTE: This post was updated after King’s statement was released.

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