And finally, Mike Barnicle chimed in on “human nature:”

I got to tell you, no group in America, no profession in America is more self-absorbed than the media is. No other group is more self-absorbed. What we do is we rely on human nature and human nature unfortunately is more prone to the negative than the positive. You’re not going to get e-mails saying great job, Jim, so much as you’re going to get ten times the e-mails saying you’re a jerk. That’s what happens….With regard to Jimmy, I mean you’re on TV so many hours per week, five live hours per week and you’re absolutely right, Joe… you can pick and choose what any of us says and go to the negative on it and it feeds the beast out there. People aren’t sitting down to write emails saying ,”Mika, you look beautiful, Joe you made sense…”

Mika may not have been able to get many words in during the segment but her expression at that moment said… so much.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.