McCain Makes News

Appears on Daily Show—a surefire way to get the (uncritical) attention of the campaign press.

McCain talked about how, as the Democratic primary continues, he has been out there “raising money” and “doing townhall meetings,” to which Stewart replied:

So that still happens, even when the news media doesn’t report?

What does the news media report? Well, The Trail blog at the Washington Post notes:

The senator seemed at ease throughout the two-part interview, pretending to walk off at one point and, during a commercial break, urging Stewart to eject members of his traveling press who were seated in the audience’s front row. (Stewart let them stay.)

Oh, that McCain. He has a way with the press, doesn’t he? (Or is it, he has his way with the press)?

Meanwhile, I didn’t think McCain seemed so “at ease” (am I projecting? Maybe I was just a little uneasy or maybe he just seemed at little too at ease?) when he was giggling about the question he received at a town hall meeting from the “very attractive young woman wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘John McCain doesn’t represent me’ or ‘John McCain doesn’t represent my views’ or something.”

STEWART: What did she say?

McCAIN: She said [giggle], why did I want to discriminate against women [giggle, giggle]?


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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.