CNN stuck with descriptions like “some insulting things” and, as John Roberts put it prior to interviewing Jackson, “your statement that you wanted to cut off a certain part of Senator Obama’s anatomy.” (At one point, CNN’s Joe Johns seemed to blame Obama, calling him some kind of crude comment-magnet: “It was another messy moment for Barack Obama who [cue Rev. Wright clip] just seems to attract regrettable off-the-cuff remarks by high-profile people who are quickly forced to go out and take it back.”)

UPDATE III: If you’re a New York Sun reader (hat tip, CJR reader) you are also hopefully an M.D., as the Sun provides the following description of the content of Jackson’s “disparaging remarks:”

Jackson used a crude reference that suggested he would like to perform an orchiectomy on Mr. Obama.

Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.