Men Covering Men (Covered By Men)

Elizabeth Holmes, of the Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire,” notices she’s the only woman in the McCain traveling press corps at the moment and counts three females “among the McCain staff on the plane,” which, she writes:

[C]ontinues a trend of what, with the absence of Hillary Clinton, appears to be a lack of women in this election. Whereas Clinton employed scads of woman on her team (as well as men) and kept the issues of women at the forefront of the campaign, the general election match up between John McCain and Barack Obama seems to be the old-style male-dominated game.

Both candidates have male campaign managers and an inner circle comprised nearly exclusively of men. McCain’s closest confidants are known as the “Sedona Five,” all men. Obama has his message man in David Axelrod.

Can we get that gender studies expert, Maureen Dowd, to weigh in? Preferably after a ride on the Straight Talk Express?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.