Michele, The New Zell?

Politico’s Daniel Libit pronounces Rep. Michele Bachmann’s “call for a media investigation into ‘anti-American’ members of Congress” “the macaca — or McCarthy — moment of 2008.”

Chris Matthews, on whose show Bachmann made that “call,” seems to see it as the election 2008 equivalent of his Zell Miller Moment. (You know, in 2004 when Miller wished he could challenge Matthews to a duel? And the clip was discussed everywhere, to the extent possible in a time before YouTube?):

Michele Bachmann may be leery about returning to Chris Matthews’ show but Matthews tells Politico he’d love to get the Minnesota congresswoman back on “Hardball” after their headline-grabbing exchange last Friday.

“I’ve always wanted to get Zell Miller back on,” Matthews said. Matthews and the former Georgia senator had an infamously contentious encounter with the MSNBC host following the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Watch that “encounter” here:

And the Bachmann exchange here:

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.