Michelle Under The Microscope

One thing I think we need more of (fingers crossed) is reporters analyzing What Michelle Obama Is Wearing And What That Means About Her, About Women, About the administration, About…Life. (Ditto: What The Obama Girls Are Eating at School and Attaching to Their Backpacks).

Into this void steps Robin Givhan whom The Washington Post is recalling to Washington to cover the First Lady’s Biceps beat, reports Michael Calderone. Officially, according to the Post, Givhan will “cover Michelle Obama and the first family,” and “bring that sharp eye to bear on the cultural and social issues that swirl around the new occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.” The same “sharp eye” that managed to catch a glimpse of Hillary Clinton’s cleavage on CSPAN2 and make a column of it.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.