“Months of Juicy Speculation” Ahead, You Say?

“Prince William and Kate Middleton sat down with advisers Wednesday to begin planning the royal wedding that some Britons have waited years to see - and the British media settled in for months of juicy speculation,” reports the (not British) Associated Press, adding in the very next sentence that “some say” the couple will wed in May, “others” say August.

Also: “Middleton is likely to use much softer fabric [for her wedding dress], like tulle or organza, than the stiff taffeta Diana used.”

And: “A strong, stable marriage - one that lasts decades and produces heirs - could go a long way toward undoing the damage from Charles’ and Diana’s ugly squabbling and televised confessions of adultery.”

Yup, expect “months of juicy speculation.” From “the British media.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.