MSNBC’s BitterGate Update

Keeping cable viewers current on the latest exchange in the Campaign Gaffe of the Week is hard work. From the campaign trail by phone just now, NBC’s Ron Allen moved the BitterGate ball forward for the MSNBC audience:

I wasn’t here when he made his response to her response from that response of last night, but I don’t know what the reaction was then. ..

UPDATE: Still watching MSNBC just after 1:00pm. Andrea Mitchell wants to know, in BitterGate, “Who wins or don’t we know yet?” The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza answers Ron Allen-esque-ly: “You know, Andrea, I don’t think we know yet. Gosh, it’s devolved into I feel like every five minutes one campaign responding to the other campaign responding to something that happened five minutes ago.” With each ensuing response getting its own cable TV response…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.