Culled from CJR’s frequently updated “Must-reads from around the Web,” our staff recommendations for the best pieces of journalism (and other miscellany) on the Internet, here are your can’t-miss must-reads of the past week:

Sixth time’s the charm — Michael Kinsley is back at The New Republic

Fortifying the empire South Park built — “Disruption is overrated…. If you tell good stories, the platforms are sort of beside the point”

Happy two-hundredth birthday, Pride and Prejudice! — The most beloved novel in the language was written by a rural parson’s daughter with no formal education, in ten months, between the ages of twenty and twenty-one, and published two hundred years ago today

What Twitter really looks like — A global map of tweet distribution

Can Cory Booker keep it together? — Ruby Cramer, ably taking over the family business

Hitler alive and well, owning The New Republic — “Occasionally the Free Beacon publishes stories too embarrassing for any staffers to be associated with by name”

Moving piece on early responders at Sandy Hook Elementary — “You’re safe now; your parents love you”

Unsolicited advice for New Republic owner Chris Hughes — “A millionaire who is keen on supporting journalism is a terrible thing to waste”

Profile of Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix — Can the quirkly little start-up that once printed money by mailing you DVDs become the HBO of tomorrow?

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