My Birthday The Day Daddy Won a Pulitzer

Yesterday, the Boston Globe’s Sebastian Smee won the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, cited for his “vivid and exuberant writing about art’’ and for “often bringing great works to life with love and appreciation.” Here is the Globe’s take on the news:

Globe art critic Smee wins Pulitzer

And here is Poynter’s take (see the 10th bullet point from the top):

Four-year-old’s birthday present: Dad wins a Pulitzer

I don’t have a Pulitzer. I do have a four-year-old. And I am confident that a “four-year-old’s birthday present” is not “Dad wins a Pulitzer.” Unless by that one means that $10.99 of the $10,000 prize money is going toward the immediate purchase of a My Little Pony Super Long Hair Rainbow Dash or a 16-pack of Squinkies. Because vicarious gifting for a preschooler? Not nice. (Also, not developmentally appropriate).

Surely the Pulitzer-winning father in question knows as much. Indeed, at the end of Smee’s newsroom speech yesterday (video below), clearly aware of the possibility of personally overshadowing his child’s big day, Smee says, “Maybe we could sing happy birthday to Leila.” (Which, even if Marty Baron sings, is also not a present.)

Another one, perhaps, for the Let’s Not Overstate the Importance of the Pulitzers file?

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