‘Hi, Mark!’

The Newspaper Guild welcomes The New York Times's new CEO

Mark Thompson began work today as the new CEO of The New York Times, and the Newspaper Guild was there to greet him:

The guild has been in negotiations with NYT management since the union contract expired over 18 months ago, and relations between the sides have only become more acrimonious. Last February, guild members lined the hallways outside the Page One meeting room in “quiet protest.” A few weeks ago, they staged a brief walkout, leaving their desks for a quick walk around the block.

Today, guild members assembled in the NYT lobby to take a group photo for their new CEO. They wore pins that said “Guild” in NYT typography, stickers that said “believe us,” and held up signs and a large banner while posing for their photographer with a cheery “Hi, Mark!” in lieu of “cheese.” It was a peaceful affair, lasting no more than 15 minutes and designed, according to the guild mobilization committee’s memo, to “acquaint [Thompson] with the grave situation he has walked into.” The new CEO was not in attendance.

Next up for the guild could be a byline strike. According to the memo, hundreds of staffers signed pledges to withhold credit and “work strictly to the terms of the contract.”

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Sara Morrison is a former assistant editor at CJR. Follow her on Twitter @saramorrison. Tags: , ,