“Everyone has an opinion on Bristol pregnancy,” proclaims a headline in the San Francisco Chronicle.

But only Newsweek brings us “The RNC’s Youngest Delegate On Palin’s Daughter,” asking “the youngest delegate at the Republican National Convention,” Mike Knopf, 17 (just like Bristol Palin!), “his take on what [Bristol Palin’s pregnancy] means for young conservatives,” which includes this insight:

“I’ve known a couple of people who it’s happened to, and surprisingly it really isn’t that bad,” says the high-school senior from Dubuque, Iowa.

Getting RNC delegates’ reactions to their candidate’s running-mate’s teen daughter’s pregnancy seems all the rage among reporters. Here’s another, per the Houston Chronicle:

“Kids are kids, right? We prayed that our daughter would avoid that situation, and luckily we’ve got her married off now. We haven’t had that problem,” said delegate Michael Bergsma, of Corpus Christi.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.