From Politico today (in an “according to executives” report that David Gregory will be named moderator of Meet the Press):

Enjoying a gravitas boost from his prematurely salt-and-pepper mane and friendships with Tom Brokaw and other of the legendary figures of NBC News, [Gregory]…quickly became one of the hottest personalities in network news.

From today’s (New York) Daily News:

Just when Katie Couric was hitting her stride, she tripped up last night - with a hair-raising new look that put the “ew” in the evening news.

The coif, a boyish pixie cut that channeled some of Hillary Clinton’s bad ‘do days, was a striking departure from the signature bob viewers associate with the 51-year-old anchor.

Meanwhile, from TVNewser’s Chris:

We got a few emails about Katie Couric’s new haircut, and the fact that we neglected to write about it. This comment from an emailer sums it up: “Surprised to not see anything about Katie Couric’s new, short hairdo, not that it really matters of course!”

Um, right. Exactly.

We waffled about it, tried to think of an angle, and asked ourselves “Would we report this if Brian or Charlie got a haircut?” The answer was no and no. So we put it to you.

And, on the question of “Should we have done a story on Katie Couric’s haircut?” 81 percent of TVNewser’s readers have voted “no.”

Meanwhile, 65 percent of US readers polled on the question of “Who Has The Hotter New ‘Do, Kim [Kardashian] or Katie [Couric]?” favor Kardashian’s “‘do” (Kardashian’s a reality TV person…ality? who apparently “decided to cut her bangs”).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.