Non-Story of The Day

In today’s non-story of the day, Politico CLICK sports the blaring headline, “Roman Polanski supporters gave $34K to Barack Obama, DNC” in an attempt to report on the latest non-development in the Roman Polanski underage sex case and extradition story:

Polanski’s arrest late last month by Swiss authorities in connection with a three-decade-old California underage sex case has sparked a vigorous national debate about sex, justice and extradition that - thus far - has yet to draw in the Obama administration.

So Politico has taken it upon itself to make the tenuous connection for you.

Not to gloss over the seriousness of the crime that Polanski is accused of — Hollywood’s reaction is definitely tone deaf, as Chris Rock points out in this video clip — but trying to paint the president with the same brush because he accepted campaign donations many months ago from those who are now vocal in Polanski’s defense is a huge reach.

Even Politico seems to know it. The reporter backpedals from the initial premise, pointing out that Weinstein actually supported Obama’s rival, Hillary Clinton. But! Weinstein did donate to the DNC and Obama became the Democratic candidate for president. And! A list of other pro-Polanski Hollywood bigshots did support Obama. Pretty irresponsible.

What’s next in this series — Business associates of wife-beaters donated to McCain? Friends of drug-dealers supported Hillary? Klan member’s second cousin stumped for Nader?

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Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.