Last week, Vanity Fair polled hair stylists on Whether John McCain Has A Comb-Over (“from certain angles, it looks like a frozen waterfall, or maybe a clamp designed to keep his big angry head from bursting”) and, if so, Whether It Might Matter to Voters.

Less than 24 hours after Obama named Sen. Joe Biden as his running-mate, Politico had already completed “a quick survey of stylists and hair transplant surgeons” looking into the “mystery” of Biden’s “fraying combed-back helmet” and why it “did not follow the normal path of baldness.” In other words, Whether Joe Biden Has Hair Plugs.

Politico didn’t even pretend to ponder (forgot to?) What This Might Mean To/For America.

Hair. The subject of so many campaign coverage, um, highlights. Remember when Hillary “shifted her part”?

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.