Note To Self: Palin and the Handy Memo

In the days since Gawker caught Sarah Palin with crib notes scribbled on her palm during her weekend speech at the National Tea Party Convention, (“Energy, Budget Tax Cuts, Lift American Spirits”) a particularly funny bit of irony after she criticized Obama for his constant use of a TelePrompter, the cheat sheet sight-gag has been irresistible to anyone in front of a television camera.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell showed the camera her inkstained hand twice, on “Morning Joe” and then on “The Daily Rundown.” Eric Bolling wrote “Sarah 2012” on his palm during Fox Business Networks “Happy Hour,” Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert could not let the gaffe go without their own on-air handy reminders: to make faces and curse in Stewart’s case, and to remind himself where his thumb is located in Colbert’s case.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs became the latest to jump in on the “Palm Pilot” trend when he showed the press corps his own checklist. It read:

Bread, Milk, Eggs, Hope, Change”

TV Newser has a collection of all the handsy hilarity here.

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Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.