NY Mag Disapproves Of Coop’s Tweets

Which news personalities’ Twitter feeds does New York magazine find “insipid,” if “news-sharing?” CNN’s Anderson Cooper (“we expected more”), Katie Couric (“unofficial CBS News link dump”), and ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos (“saw people playing badminton in Tehran”). And which news folks rate “inspiring” and “news-sharing,” per the magazine’s Twitter Approval Matrix? The New York Times’s David Carr and Brian Stelter, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and Rick Sanchez of CNN.

I think Maddow got the wave-in because she’s Maddow and People Seem To Love Her; really, she doesn’t Twitter very often and when she does, not sure her tweets are particularly “inspiring” (although I don’t recall feeling “inspired” by any of these folks’ tweets…or many tweets in general). And Sanchez, while he has quantity and relative early adopter-hood on his side, could have just as easily been placed in the “insipid, news-sharing” zone (recent sample tweet: “so i was on daily show last night, why didn’t u guys tell me… huh! did i look handsome??”)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.