NYT’s Incomplete Snark Review

Yesterday, the New York Times reviewed David Denvy’s book, Snark… minus the chapter (yes, chapter) taking down Times columnist Maureen Dowd. (h/t, Eric Boehlert)

Of Dowd’s Bush-era columns Denby asks: “Did it ever occur to Dowd that her chummy, high-schoolish, I-can-see-your-undies routine might be bizarrely beside the point?” Of Dowd’s work during the Democratic primary Denby writes, “Her writing was a desperate, disjointed, and demoralized performance…”

The only mention of Dowd in yesterday’s Times review, written by Walter Kirn:

When he finally reaches the present era, Denby pronounces Tom Wolfe and Maureen Dowd masters of ‚Äúsnarky mimesis…”

Related: CJR’s James Marcus interviewed Denby last month (Dowd did not come up).

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.