Obama With Reporters (Then and Now)

NPR’s David Folkenflik wonders, “Will Obama’s White House Be Open to the Media?” and taps the experience of reporters like Jeff Zeleny, formerly of the Chicago Tribune and now of the New York Times, who “say [Obama] used to seek out reporters eagerly” during his Illinois state Senate days and “remained expansive with reporters in Washington” after joining the Senate in 2004.

What does Zeleny expect now? Noting the ways the Obama campaign shared information online (YouTube, social networks) “to go around that [campaign press] filter,” as Folkenflik puts it, Zeleny says:

I think in this White House, you may once again have more information about the president and the administration than ever before. But I still think there will be fewer opportunities for questions and direct interaction with reporters and the president.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.