On EBay, Print Runs and (Good) Old News

A tidbit from this Editor & Publisher article about papers ordering extra print runs of Wednesday’s editions:

Other papers are reporting similar demand for the print edition and expanded print plans, despite extensive coverage already online. More than 200 ads were on Ebay by this afternoon for Obama presidential newspaper editions, with at least one seeking $100 for a New York Times copy. Most others ranged from $6 to $25.

This morning, the highest bid on EBay for Wednesday’s NYT is $150, with a $400 buy-it-now option. (No bids yet though.) In contrast, Chicago Tribunes are being sold in bundles—most notably a lot of 400 copies offered for $1,009.99. (Two bids so far.) Erm, does this not cut it for collectible purposes?

More from E&P on print runs here.

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Jane Kim is a writer in New York.