Results from last week’s “unscientific” TVNewser poll asking readers to grade the White House press corps for its First 100 Days: 39% (of the “more than 2500 voters”) flunked them.

Elsewhere in grading (not involving White House reporters): selected excerpts from a Larry King Live segment last week called “Michelle Mania!” in which King asked assorted guests “what’s your grade” for, “what do you make of” Michelle Obama?

King to Patti Davis, daughter of President Reagan and Nancy Reagan:

KING: Do you like the way [Michelle Obama] looks?

DAVIS: I love it. I love it…

King to Andre Leon Talley, Vogue editor-at- large.

KING: Is her height a detriment or a plus?

TALLEY: Certainly, her height is a plus…

King to Robin Givhan, who covers Mrs. Obama and family for the Washington Post:

KING: Robin, do you see any — any defects?

GIVHAN: Well, I don’t want to be the one to poke holes in the myth — in the mythology. But I think that she has — has really captured the imagination of the American people and also internationally. But I also think that that is a difficult position to be in, because, in some ways, she’s become less of a real person. And more of this sort of aura, practically, that people are projecting all of their desires onto. And I think, inevitably, there will come a point when they’re disappointed.


KING: Robin, anything you would advise the first lady? Like would you say, wear hats?

GIVHAN: I think the very last thing I would say to her would be to get involved in millinery. I think you can only get in trouble.

KING: However, I have a theory, and I’ll introduce myself into this, Robin. I think most ladies look good in hats.

GIVHAN: I think we have to remember what we have been sort of applauding her for, which is her authenticity and her ability to wear things that speak to her. I’ve yet to see her in anything on her head.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.