From the (Wasilla, Alaska) Frontiersman:

“We’ve all done three, four, five, six interviews all over the world,” [Alaska delegate] [Dick] Stoffel said. “They asked, yeah, if you knew her, if you thought she would [be chosen], did you think she’d make a good vice president and why.”

A New York Times reporter has been following the delegation around asking questions, [Alaska delegate] [Steve] Colligan said.

Halfway through the day Monday, the reporter came to the delegation and said, “The story’s changed. It’s about the governor’s daughter,” Colligan said, referencing the news that broke Monday about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy.

Colligan said he was asked when he found out about the pregnancy and told the reporter he’d just heard the news from her.

His view — it’s a private issue and the media should leave it alone.

And, the Frontiersman’s publisher writes:

Although journalists and politicians don’t always mesh well, Governor Palin has always been respectful of the job we in the media have to do. She has earned my respect and support as Wasilla’s mayor and Alaska’s governor and will have my support for vice president of the United States of America.

And, without getting particularly specific, the Frontiersman’s publisher urges “national media” not to overlook “the accomplishments in [Palin’s] career” by focusing only on “mistakes and some of the controversial issues during her terms as mayor and through her governorship.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.