Please Be Kidding This Time, Daily Show

I have seen MSNBC’s cringe-making segment called No Way! during which Donny Deutsch and Tamron Hall discuss wacky, way-out news stories as some high-pitched voice-over (think, morning radio) can be heard moaning, “No Waaay!” (It’s baad).

But I was hoping that the Daily Show had, through clever video editing or some such, invented that CNN is running a regular segment called Just Sayin’, in which an adult journalist, Carol Costello, introduces a framed-as-question topic (ranging from the lighter, “Are We Too Wired?” to the not-so-light, “Is Feminism Obsolete?”), talks around the question for a minute or so, and then wraps things up by saying, in an exaggerated and forced and beyond irritating manner, Just sayin’!

But, no. It’s real. And, in addition to the clips Jon Stewart featured last night (see below), here are some other topics that have received the Just sayin’ treatment on CNN recently:

COSTELLO: Nude pictures taken of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews are more than that. Many women call it sexual assault and there are plenty of men who call it that, too, some of whom blame themselves for what happened. Just sayin’, who is to blame for what happened to Erin Andrews?

CNN’S JOHN ROBERTS: Of course, it was a famous campaign pledge during the Obama campaign that he would not raise taxes on the middle class. But is the White House beginning to change its tune on that? We’re just sayin’. Carol Costello is coming up next with a look.

COSTELLO: The prospect of paying for a massive new health care plan is stoking anger among some states’ rights advocates. They think the government is already way too big and now they’re pushing back. Just sayin’, should states’ rights trump the fed?

COSTELLO: This loud-and-proud bad mother writes, “I have left my children alone in the bathtub. I have spanked my daughter, I drink, I curse.” Just sayin’, does this mean over-parenting is over?

COSTELLO: Minorities and women overall seem to be excelling. America boasts a black president, a woman secretary of state and the list goes on and on and on. I’m just sayin’: Time to say no to affirmative action?

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