Political Pundits Have “Missed It”

At this late hour, cable’s political pundits are feeling reflective. To wit, MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe earlier:

At some point we’ll look at the coverage of this campaign, what we all do for a living and we’re gonna realize because of our tendency to blog every fifteen minutes and to talk every other second about it, we have missed the extraordinary nature of this Obama story, the vindication of this country. Yesterday, I’m in a cab on the east side of Manhattan. The cab is driven by a Haitian guy, 43 been here 23 years, lives in Reading, Pennsylvania, comes to New York four days a week to drive 15 hours a day a cab, ok? And he is listening to a tape recording of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s We Shall Overcome speech. And I said, “Are you going to vote for McCain?” He starts laughing. Haitian guy. Starts laughing, lyrically, like music. We have missed the story of the meaning of this campaign, this one man all beneath the surface of what we do. We’ve missed it. We’ve touched upon it but we’ve missed it.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.