Foreign Policy Chops? “First Lady Puffery?”

Genius! Rather than having a Clinton surrogate and an Obama surrogate duke it out over Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy experience or lack thereof, the folks at Politifact took a look at all of the overseas trips Clinton made as First Lady (Clinton’s White House daily schedules having recently been released) and, to the extent possible, what she did on those trips, and tried to draw their own conclusion.


[W]hat emerges from a careful review is a truth that lies somewhere in between the characterizations by the competing camps. There were more weighty activities than Clinton’s critics like to believe; but little indication that the first lady played any kind of pivotal foreign policy role.

And by clicking around the accompanying interactive map (Clinton visited 82 countries while First Lady) you can learn, for example, that on October 9, 1999, Clinton “visit[ed] lava field with students” in Iceland.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.