Reuters On The Rocks

If not by scoring some Hollywood armcandy for the White House Correspondents dinner on Saturday, how else might a news organization “remain relevant” in the eyes (and maws) of their peers?


Via TV Newser, if you’re willing to pre-game the WHCA dinner with some Reuters reporters, you can enjoy Reuters-provided cocktails with timely names such as such as the “Barack O’Bomber,” described as “more popular than ever with the younger set, the O’Bomber is sure to bowl you over. For a truly religious experience, polish it off and order another. You’ll be singing its praises — and Wrightfully so. It’s a Vodka, Jagermeister, Red Bull energy drink with a lime wedge.”

For teetotalers, there’s “Hillary’s Bosnian Bull-shooter,” billed as follows: “If you’re hoping to get intoxicated from this drink, run for cover. A single shot will keep you honest. It’s nothing more than distilled water imported from Tuzla.”)

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.