President PYT

All that “skittering away from chocolate goodies, as though… a starlet obsessing on a svelte waistline” that Maureen “Gender Twist” Dowd observed Barack Obama, “diffident debutante,” doing during the campaign? Seems to have paid off. Because, Dowd proclaims today:

In this White House, Barack Obama is the pretty thing who is taken with Hillary’s serious, smartest-girl-at-Wellesley aura.

And blah blah blah, Sarah’s the new Hillary (all “preachy, screachy and angry” — guess Dowd forgot to “gender twist” that one) and some backhanded compliments for Sec. of State Clinton (who with her “robustness” looms over the “frail little creatures” running Iran and North Korea)…

UPDATE: So nice she used it twice. Via the nytpicker, Dowd concludes her column today by calling Palin “all cage, no bird,” a phrase Dowd applied (while speaking, natch, as Hillary Clinton) to Barack Obama back in a September 2008 column. A phrase I take to mean that Dowd believes there’s no one home in the gilded cage that is Palin (and was last year, I guess, Obama). Empty.

Not the first time Dowd’s repeated (or, as the nytpicker has it, “plagiarized”) herself. As I wrote during the campaign:

In Dowd’s world 2007, Hillary Clinton is the “debate dominatrix,” a “control freak,” someone who “iced” opponents and used to subject her husband to belittling treatment. In Dowd’s world circa 1999, Liddy Dole was “an Oprah dominatrix” at the Republican Convention, a “control freak,” someone who “icily corrected” a reporter and belittled her husband.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.