Press Release: Bestest Republican National Convention Ever!

I don’t know why I was even initially startled, given Today’s Media Environment. But: today, six weeks before the Republican National Convention, the Republican National Convention sent out a press release touting that “Convention Preparations On Target.”

But don’t take the RNC’s word for it! The media say so.

Quoted at the top of the release is this bit from an Associated Press article:

Indeed, both parties were interested in St. Paul’s bid but Republicans moved more quickly and grabbed it first. And their convention planning so far [has] been a model of efficiency and organization while Democrats in Denver have wrestled with logistical complications and fundraising woes.

Three cheers for accountability journalism!

But, only in selective doses. Because, from that same AP article (and not in the RNC press release):

This year, Republicans remain acutely mindful of the challenge they face: How best to showcase McCain, an unpopular party’s aging, less-than telegenic standard-bearer, against Obama’s soaring oratory and historic status as a major party’s first black nominee…[T]he enthusiasm gap between the two events is already noticeable.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.