Required skimming: film criticism

For the movie-obsessed

This month, CJR presents “Required Skimming,” a daily miniguide to our staffers’ beats and obsessions. If we overlooked any of your must-read destinations, please tell us in the comments.

Self-styled Siren: Beloved of classic film fans everywhere. Farran Nehme (@selfstyledsiren), a freelance film reviewer for The New York Post, writes about movies in such sparkling prose that you feel compelled to seek them out immediately. Former online home of the late, lamented critic. Still contains a wealth of his film criticism—the Great Movies essays are wonderful—as well as new reviews from critics Ebert supported.

Movie Morlocks: The official blog of Turner Classic Movies. “No topic is too obscure or niche to be excluded from our film discussions.” And they mean it. Expect everything from Rene Clair’s early talkies to the cheesy joys of Roger Corman’s Edgar Allan Poe series.

Some Came Running: A former critic and editor for Premiere magazine, Glenn Kenny now manages his own blog. Look out for posts in which he scours DVD and Blu-ray releases to find the best versions of forgotten classics.

The Man Who Viewed Too Much: Mike D’Angelo started publishing reviews online in 1995 and was one of the first film critics to have a strong Web presence. I especially like the Movie Nerd Discussion Group Top 10 (exactly what it says on the tin) and his idiosyncratic catalogue of 2013 commercial releases in New York City.

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Edirin Oputu is a former assistant editor at CJR. Follow her on Twitter @EdirinOputu Tags: ,