Bored Reporters Play for Their Base (Each Other)

From Dana Milbank in today’s Washington Post:

If there is importance in the results of the primary in West Virginia, the press corps isn’t letting on. During the security sweep at Dulles, some play Hacky Sack with a cigarette carton. Awaiting the candidate on the tarmac, two guys from CNN toss a football. Aboard the plane, one member of the press corps entertains his colleagues by flopping down the aisle on his belly, like a fish.

“One member of the press corps?” Don’t let the third-person (“a reporter”) newspaper convention throw you. It was so totally Milbank doing the fish-flop thing.

But the bigger point here is: It’s over, Camp Clinton. Yes, there’s the money. The math. The superdelegates slowly backing away. But also you’re boring the press corps. You’re finished.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.