Required skimming: privacy and intellectual property

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This month, CJR presents “Required Skimming,” a daily miniguide to our staffers’ beats and obsessions. If we overlooked any of your must-read destinations, please tell us in the comments.

Threat Level: Wired’s privacy and cybersecurity coverage will make you change every single one of your passwords and then consider leaving the Internet forever and live in a cabin in the mountains with only a landline to commune with the outside world.

The Switch: The Washington Post’s newest Wonkblog-style production might have launched just last month, but lead reporter Tim Lee has been thinking about IP, copyright, and tech policy for years.

Deep Links: Lawyers and activists for the the Electronic Frontier Foundation—which has a hand in almost every Internet rights and property case you’ve heard of—explain their thinking in detail.

Torrent Freak: Unrepentant torrenters rage against Big Content, follow every twist and turn of Kim Dotcom’s legal fate, and share the top 10 most pirated movies every week.

Hollywood, Esq.: This is probably the Hollywood Reporter’s nerdiest blog, which covers “the intersection of entertainment and law.” But you know you want to know about American Idol’s racism lawsuit at the same time as you’re reading about Aimee Mann suing over royalties from online music services.

Disclosure: CJR has received funding from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to cover intellectual-property issues, but the organization has no influence on the content.

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