Required skimming: Radiolab-esque science stories, online

Science for the rest of us

This month, CJR presents “Required Skimming,” a daily miniguide to our staffers’ beats and obsessions. If we overlooked any of your must-read destinations, please tell us in the comments.

Nautilus: Like Radiolab, Nautilus picks one big theme and dives, running deep and long and plucking sometimes discordant notes that come together into one symphonic whole.

Matter: Not “quite a website…not really a magazine,” Matter has published just a few longform pieces on science and technology, and they’ve already covered the race to beat death, hacking charisma, and the genetics of trauma. These stories are available a la carte or as part of a subscription. Just months after it launched, the startup was bought by Medium, the online platform that no one’s quite sure what to think about yet: It’s not clear what Matter’s future holds, but it should be exciting.

The Story Collider: Science geeks’ answer to The Moth.

Aeon: Just about a year old, this online magazine doesn’t just cover science. But every Tuesday, there’s a piece on Nature & Cosmos, and every Wednesday one on Being Human, a category that covers “psychology, anatomy, evolutionary theory and simple introspection.” And no matter what day it is, the stories they run have that sprawling character that makes the world seem like a more fascinating place than it was when you started reading.

Radiolab Tumblr: All the fun and spirit of Radiolab. But with pictures.

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Sarah Laskow is a writer and editor in New York City. Her work has appeared in print and online in Grist, Good, The American Prospect, Salon, The New Republic, and other publications.