Required skimming: unemployment

Get the facts about the jobs figures

This month, CJR presents “Required Skimming,” a daily miniguide to our staffers’ beats and obsessions, ranging from finance to food. If we overlooked any of your must-read destinations, please tell us in the comments.

The Huffington Post: Its “Breakdown” series is the most ambitious journalistic project on poverty, including the effects of unemployment, in the country.

Paul Krugman’s “Conscience of a Liberal” blog: The Nobel laureate economist is the most authoritative and prolific blogger on the unemployment crisis and the politics that perpetuate it.

The New York Times: The Times has done the most in-depth work of the major papers on unemployment, though, considering its importance, all of them could do more.

Bloomberg News: The financial wire offers comprehensive reporting and analysis of unemployment data and other news.

The Wall Street Journal’s unemployment page: The Journal is especially strong on global unemployment news.

• The Center for Economics and Policy Research’s Labor and Jobs page: The left-leaning think tank hosts a broad mix of blogging, op-eds, and reports on unemployment.

Dean Starkman Dean Starkman runs The Audit, CJR's business section, and is the author of The Watchdog That Didn't Bark: The Financial Crisis and the Disappearance of Investigative Journalism (Columbia University Press, January 2014). Follow Dean on Twitter: @deanstarkman. Tags: