Sen. Orrin Hatch Kills on Imus, Will Be Here All Week

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Republican from Utah, had some real zingers while talking about the recently passed House health care bill on Don Imus’s Fox Business News morning show today. Hatch, who said the bill won’t pass in the Senate, delivered these one-liners, riffing on the health care theme:

“I’m not an ear doctor, but I think the President must be tone deaf if he thinks that the American people are anxious to put government bureaucrats between them and their doctors.”


“I might admit I’m not a psychiatrist either, but I think he’s crazy if he thinks that the majoirty of American people want the government to start paying for those that already have health insurance.”

When Imus remarked on Hatch’s comedy set, saying, “The material was great, Senator, I appreciate it,” Hatch couldn’t resist squeezing in one more joke before signing off:

“That reform proposal won’t improve health care, in fact, I have evidence that it’s making me sick to my stomach and I think you’ll get sick to your stomach too!”

I’m no orthopedist, but I’d say Hatch’s funny bone is firmly intact, though he could benefit from a diet that includes a little less corn. Make your own diagnosis from the video below. (It’s an interesting conversation but skip to minute 5:45 to jump straight to comedy hour.)

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Alexandra Fenwick is an assistant editor at CJR.