We probably haven’t found Bigfoot! Or at least, that’s what an AP article has to say about the alleged discovery of Sasquatch, by two men in Georgia (yes, you heard right: Georgia).

And whom do you use as sources in this fine, yet inconclusive, story?

1. Bigfoot researcher: Jeffrey Meldrum. Check. (“It just looks like a costume with some fake guts thrown on top for effect.”)

2. The discoverers: Matt Whitton, a police officer on medical leave, and Rick Dyer, a former corrections officer. Unreachable. (“Messages left for Whitton and Dyer early Friday on their Bigfoot Tipline were not returned.”)

3. A government official: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Reserve spokesman Tom Mackenzie. Check. (“It’s not on endangered species on any list that we’ve got.”)

The two men are apparently holding a press conference tomorrow in Palo Alto, where they’ll share photographs and DNA results that they claim will prove, without a doubt, that they’ve bagged the right Creature of Mystery.

Until then, the corpse of Bigfoot is stuffed in a freezer, unfortunately not topping any official endangered species lists. You got that from the AP.

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Jane Kim is a writer in New York.