Starring “The News?”

The headline on today’s Alessandra Stanley piece in The New York Times caught my eye: “A New Star as Campaign Programs Shuffle: The News.”

The new campaign-focused cable TV shows (MSNBC’s Race For the White House, CNN’s Election Center and Fox News’ America’s Election HQ star…”the news?”

Writes Stanley: “The distinction of all three new hourlong [cable] programs is that the hosts are not the stars, the campaign is.” And “the campaign” (which so often means strategy, gaffes, dueling surrogates) should not be confused (as it was in the headline) with “the news.”

Also, seems Stanley prefers her CNN with Campbell Brown, likening the experience of watching Brown versus Lou Dobbs to “entering a cool forest glade after an hour on an unairconditioned subway car at rush hour.”

Sounds pretty Zen for CNN.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.