Steele: “The Internet has been around a while, now,” and Other Musings

The new Republican National Committee Web site launched yesterday with fanfare, frequent crashes, and baffling word choice. RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s blog debuted under the name “What Up?,” reflecting the chairman’s longstanding promise to “take this party to the streets.” A waggish commenter on TPMDC suggested that the site should also include a message board for missing persons and lost pets titled, “Where My Dogs At?”

Steele’s opening post—entitled “Let me ask you”—is a call to interactivity:

The Internet has been around a while, now. But, I still find it an amazing platform for innovation, not just in technology, but in life. Beyond admiring the way it powers so many inventions and businesses, it has become a personal thing for me. I love the fact that, wherever I might be, I can use technology to see my family and chat with them, and Social Media to tap into what my friends are doing.

One thing that has not been around for a while, now, however, is the name of Steele’s blog. By today, “What Up?” had been re-dubbed the more staid “Change the Game.” Luckily, though, no one has yet Changed the Dropdown Menu:

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Kathy Gilsinan is the associate editor at World Politics Review