Sweat-Stained TPS Reports

That lunch at your desk in now an workplace norm is one thing. But, “treadmill desks”? Can the toilet-in-a-desk-chair (ergonimically correct, one hopes) be far behind?

UPDATE: For CJR reader Kevin who politely requested a media angle to the above:

If you go to the walk-working social networking site cited in this article, you see that the media is keen on the treadmill desk story. The AP was soliciting treadmill desk-ers on the networking site in July; ABC News’s 20/20 was on it in August, the result of which has an unmistakable Daily Show feel: (ABC’s JOHN STOSSEL: “They used to call it ‘secretary spread.’ Those extra pounds that appear on the bottom of workers who sit all day at their desks…”)

From a 2007 ABC News report on the same, this one from Good Morning America: “For Amy Langer, working is now a losing proposition — losing weight, that is…”

NPR explored, “What does the new apparatus say about our multi-tasking society?” in February 2008.

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.