Rove’s Exit

Nothing left to say? Says who?

Last night, Josh Marshall mused:

Is it me or is the most remarkable thing about Karl Rove’s resignation that it seems almost like a non-event? I had the feeling as the day wore on that all of us in the news and commentary business were trying to make it a big event. But somehow it just wasn’t there…..Yes, every politics or hard news publication has at least a couple articles marking the moment. But not with much ooomph or much to say….What is there left to say?

What is there left to say? A quick scan of recent television coverage (thanks, TVeyes) reveals that cable TV types have found plenty left to say (or, at least, they are still talking).

Dan Abrams, for one, coined yet another nickname for The Architect/Bush’s Brain/Boy Genius/Turd Blossom on MSNBC yesterday: “My take? If Karl Rove had been a professional wrestler, they might have called him the Constitutional Crippler…”

CNN’s Jeanne Moos — shoe leather! — wandered a few feet out the front door of her Columbus Circle office to the sidewalk today, mined the ever-insightful Man On The Street for revisions to these well-known Rovian nicknames (“[Turd Blossom?] I say forget the Blossom!”), and then concluded with footage of Rove dancing/rapping and the quip that “luckily, they don’t call [Rove] Bush’s Rhythm.”

And then there was Mike Gallagher on Fox News’ Fox & Friends this morning who employed a homespun aphorism to highlight Democrats’ perceived discomfort with Rove’s exit. “I have been reading Donna Brazile’s comments about how Karl Rove is more dangerous for Democrats outside of the White House than inside. [Democrats] don’t know whether to wind their panties or scratch their watches!”

So much left to say…

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.