“Tequila!” And Other Sign-Offs

Per Time’s Karen Tumulty:

I’m sure Steve Schmidt will see this as another sign of an in-the-tank press corps: On the flight from Chicago to Indianapolis, Obama autographed our credentials for tonight’s rally.

UPDATE: Another last-day-of-camp ritual. Obama posed for group photos on the tarmac with reporters, the motorcade drivers and the advance staff. As we posed, Obama told us all to say: “Tequila!”

McCain did the pictures-on-the-tarmac thing, too! Per the New York Times’ Elisabeth Bumiller:

PHOENIX | 10:50 a.m. Mr. McCain has just had his picture taken on the tarmac outside his campaign plane with his staff and before that, somewhat amazingly, with the national campaign reporters he has not been talking to for several months. We do not know whose idea this was, but it does not seem to have been Mr. McCain’s. Still, he and Mrs. McCain gamely pose for a minute or so.

Except instead of “Tequila!” McCain told reporters “somewhat cryptically,” per Bumiller, “We knew it would come to this.” Says Bumiller: “No one is quite sure what he means.”

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Liz Cox Barrett is a writer at CJR.